The Office of the Dean Of Students

This is the office that is concerned with the general welfare of the students and coordination of student activities. The office also represents the students in the Institute Management and all the other organs of the Institute. Services offered by this office include Coordination of student activities (formation of National and district associations, student Council, welfare Groups), Games and Sports, international student services, and vocational placement of needy students, inter-Institute programs i.e. Talent shows, Interdepartmental ballgames and Athletics among others. We also coordinate drama and music ballgames and athletics competitions at regional and national levels.

Clubs and Societies

The Dean’s Office has seen large improvement in the recruitment and activity of students in clubs and societies over the past Two (2) years. The Institute has several clubs and societies while others have been proposed. The Dean’s Office has allowed local and International organization to interact, train and nurture students from the Institute.


Kituluni Vocational Training Centre has a well stocked library, adequate lecture rooms, computer laboratory, kitchens and restaurant for tuition purposes. Student life is enriched through indoor games and activities accommodated within the college facility. Sports facilities include basketball, volleyball, etc. Catering services are offered at the College.

Student Council and Welfare

The Students hold Elections at the departmental level where they elect Students per department. The Executive comprises of 9 members leaded by the student Governor. The Student Leaders hold meetings with their fellow Students where a feedback on service delivery is given.

This particular duty provides the students with the necessary support while undertaking their studies. This includes:

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